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Joining the Project

To join the project:

Step 1. Read the FAQ section so that you fully understand the scope of the project.

Step 2. Submit your abbreviated genealogy to the group administrator. For examples and instructions see the Genealogies page.

Step 3. At present, you have a choice of up to four DNA labs, all of which are reputable.

Note that for this project, ONLY Y-STR test has any use at all.  25 markers are adequate.  No more than 43 markers will be recorded.

If you want to use DNA Heritage please look at their site. There is now a McDuffie Surname Project page set up on their site but you should click on the link DNAHeritage McDuffie Surname Project if you want to join the project using the DNA Heritage test house.  Using this link will ensure that your results get poted on the website.  Their 25 marker test costs approx US$143 and the 43 marker test costs approx US$189. They do not offer 12 marker tests.  DNA Heritage at present are giving faster results than other test houses.

If you want to use Family Tree DNA for the test, click FamilyTreeDNA McDuffie Surname Project, fill in the form and make payment as directed.   The 25 marker test costing US$169 is preferred.  This test gives finer discrimination between ancestral lines than a 12 marker test. Participants selecting the 12 marker test costing US$99 will also have their results displayed and may wish to consider upgrading to a 25 marker test if the results prove interesting.

You may wish to try OxfordAncestors or RelativeGenetics If you use these, our project will not automatically receive the results so you must advise them when they are received, if you want them to be included.

Regardless of which test house you use, all project results and genealogy details will be updated on a regular basis on this website.  We are not aligned with any particular test house.

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